About Me


I am Felicia Reed. I am a fashion inspired portrait photographer that specializes in vanity fair inspired portraits for the everyday man and woman. You get to spend the day with me and my team of hair and makeup artists.

Imagine a day of pampering with your very own glam squad doing your hair and makeup, mimosas, music and a celebrity style photoshoot. I will fully guide you through what to wear as well as posing instructions.

I want you to see your body for the beauty and power it holds! I have heard all the excuses:
“I’m not photogenic.”
“I’m not pretty enough.”
“I just need to lose x amount of weight.”

Trust me I know, I am hard on myself at times. I had to learn to value myself too. I had all the same excuses. I am here to tell you that you are ENOUGH! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! God’s masterpiece. I want you to be just as God has created you to be. Embrace your uniqueness!

I am here to serve you. I want to empower you to fall in love with yourself again. I want you value yourself and take care of yourself. You are perfect as you are.

This day is all about YOU! I have an amazing gift of connecting with others and seeing their beauty when they may not see it. I get it, self care is a challenge. In this day and age we are so busy with our careers or our family that we get lost in all of that and forget about ourselves.

I want to bring you back to you. I want to celebrate you. I will create the most amazing photos you have ever seen of yourself. I want you to have legacy prints that will out live me and you will have them to pass down for generations to come.

I invite you to a personal session with me that will be transformative and life changing. I will change the way you see yourself.

You are beautiful with your uniqueness. 
You are beautiful with your flaws.
You are beautiful with your curves. 

Let’s celebrate you by making you feel beautiful and look amazing!